Looking for a job as a Registered Veterinary Technician, we are hiring in Windsor and Tecumseh. Full-time and several benefits included.

We are proud to serve our clients from Windsor-Essex county. Since 1975, we have been serving clients from the Windsor and surrounding area. In the mid 1970’s, we were more commonly referred to as an animal pet hospital, Windsor animal clinic, forest vet clinic, dog hospital, cat hospital, pet clinic, dog clinic or even dog and car repair shop. We are not just veterinarians or vets, we are an incredible team of doctors, technicians, kennel attendants and administrative members. Now we are well known in the community as a veterinary hospital team of qualified professionals, looking to care for your four legged family member just as if he/she were our own. Today’s pet parents are more educated then ever on best care practices for their pets. Preventive/wellness visits are now common practices, just as we humans get when we see our family doctors yearly for a check up. Should pet parents have questions regarding trending news in the veterinary world such as the use of cannabis, raw food diets, we encourage them to come in for a consultation with our veterinarians. In addition to the numerous clinical services we offer, both of our hospitals offer short term boarding services.